1. Glow

From the recording Magic Beans


All bets are on
and I've gone crazy
I guess I've had
an empty youth

All bets are on
and I'm a liar
I have a flag
but no shoes on

The signs the minds the pearls the soul
that's all I know
for all that's wrong for all that's right
for all I saw

All bets are off
the world's gone crazy
preying on toys
that have a name

All bets are off
but I have something
just to repent
I'll burn it all

I'm paid the price for being blind
that's all I know
I have my own expensive light
for all I saw

My cold filled the room, my skin cried
My tear broke the rule, a new smile
A fear I want to come, my last line
Your kind and gentle self, my good time

I'll leave the words I want to say
to those who know
I'll scratch your hope and come to prey
until their show
I'll pay the price for being paid
and then I'll know
I'm just too silent for your times
good morning glow