The smallest Creature is a rock quartet from Larnaca, Cyprus, eulogized for their captivating melodies and rich sound in gripping recordings and energetic performances.
Their music has been noted to arise out of a broad palette of influences that at best can be held under the big umbrella of alternative, resulting in a spectrum of sounds and moods from sauntering melancholy grooves to fuzz-soaked punk rockers. It has been characterized as "powerful, bold, exquisitely performed, contemporary, passionate, purposeful and poetic".
Their lyrics are mainly of introspecting nature, realized through the lens of the human condition and relationships, painting visual metaphors that guide the listener through to their own journey.
After the praised release of two full-length albums, Million in 2016 and Magic Beans in 2020, they are currently in preparation of a third LP, having released two singles named What Color Is The Rain and Queen in 2023.


The smallest Creature are: 

Stefanos Marnerides - vocals, guitar 

Andreas Matheou - guitar, backing vocals 

Iacovos Stylianides - drums 

Pavlos Papadopoulos - bass