The smallest Creature are a rock quartet from Cyprus, with roots in the alternative rock scenes of the 1990s and jam-filled afterparties of Boston and NYC. Fuzz-soaked introspective songs once played during those early roots later made their way into The smallest Creature’s albums, Million (2016) and Magic Beans (2020), both of which received praise from the alternative and hard rock media globally. With a broad palette of influences feeding into their sonic spectrum of sauntering riffs and melancholic moods, the band’s lyrics offer a window into their lens of the human condition and the helical relationships between us, painting vivid imagery to guide listeners through their own journeys. 


In 2023, The smallest Creature are gearing up to release a constellation of new songs that arose during the pandemic’s lockdown. The first is ‘What Color Is the Rain’ - a rousing call against the world’s inherent chaos and a defiant ode to the undiscovered paradise in the moments of life yet lived, songs yet sung and days yet dawn. With a marching beat, the anthemic rock track sees the band championing the world’s beauty and the harmony of music. 


The smallest Creature are: 

Stefanos Marnerides - vocals, guitar 

Andreas Matheou - guitar, backing vocals 

Iacovos Stylianides - drums 

Pavlos Papadopoulos - bass