15 June 2023

Following on the heels of anthemic rock track ‘What Color Is the Rain’, the band’s latest offering is a spellbinding sonic propulsion of intoxicating rock energy, fueled by electrifying guitar lines and cast in an avant sense. 

‘Queen’ tells of the bewildering and lugubrious turn nostalgia can take, laying bare the internal conflict between progress for the future and succumbing to the seductive allure of past memories. The band drive through the conflict with a heaving undercurrent of head-spinning textures culminating in the outro’s blistering guitar solo. ‘Queen’s lyric video portrays the turmoil with visions of queens and hearts morphing through the song’s passing.

What Color Is the Rain 

18 May 2023 

The smallest Creature’s new single sees the rock quartet leading a rousing call against the world’s inherent chaos in a defiant ode to the undiscovered paradise in the moments of life yet lived, songs yet sung and days yet dawn. Set above a marching beat, the uplifting rock anthem champions the world’s beauty and harmony before blasting into a self-sacrificial whirlwind outro. 

'What Color Is the Rain' is part of a constellation of singles set for release during 2023. The songs’ first traces were borne out of the initial vacuum of the pandemic, when sounds of nature and the universe were unrestrained. The change of gears offered a new source of reference for the band, and when chaos and paranoia began rising, the band again turned to music for its healing power to console and mute the fuckery of humanity’s calamities.

Magic Beans

 September 30, 2020

“Magic Beans” is contemporary, bold, exquisitely performed, passionate and not at all what you might expect.  Stories full of what matters most in life – love, compassion, man’s struggle to be recognized, valued, admired, and to find meaning.  It’s all here." - NoHo Arts District  

"The outfit just released their new album, Magic Beans, at the end of September and it’s full of fuzzed-up, psych-steeped rock numbers." - Rebel Noise

"They not only realize the qualities and pleasures of well-crafted guitar music, but they show that it can still be done the way it should be." - Echoes & Dust

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