The smallest Creature is the brainchild of Stefanos Marnerides, with the name starting off as an alias in NYC where Stefanos was performing solo gigs and recording demos. When later Stefanos moved to Larnaca, The smallest Creature turned into a power trio with long standing friends and past bandmates Stephanos Nicolaou on the bass and Iacovos Stylianides on the drums. The trio over time gave flesh to a number of original songs, which were eventually recorded in Fishbone Studios, under the old Barrel House pub.
The debut album "Million" was released in November 2016 to some excellent reviews and feedback.

After the recording, Stephanos Nicolaou had to move countries and Pavlos Papadopoulos took his place on the bass. Andreas Mathaiou then joined as a lead guitarist and the now four-member group continue with very well received live shows and original material towards the next release.